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The Stylist and The Wardrobe

The Stylist and The Wardrobe

This September Etsy have been doing various promotions in regards to timeless style. Quality over quantity.  Slowing down in a fast paced world to see the true beauty behind a craft.  

This article is yet another piece that I have had the pleasure of being involved in.  

Joanne chose her bag style, she requested it in red, but could be shiny.  This is something that I hadn't yet tried.  So it took some experimentation, but the outcome was something beautiful.


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personalisation, gold foil, initials, monogram, leather bag, tori lo designs, etsy, the stylist and the wardrobe

She also requested her initials in metallics, this was yet another thing that I had yet to try, but I had great fun experimenting, and can't wait to be able to offer this as a service now.

I gave Joanne a choice of three styles of metallic, Gold, Silver and Red.   She chose the Gold.

Here are a few of the stunning photograph from the Stylist and the wardrobe blog.

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To read Joanne's full article follow the link below:

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