Our Story

A brand built in Leather

Tori Lo was established on the North East coast of England in 2015 by designer Vicky Wade.  
 “In creating Tori Lo Designs I wanted to cross boundaries within leather work, using fun and creative dying techniques hand colouring every hide to create an individual and unique surface that the bags can then be moulded.”
Each step is done by hand, using traditional techniques, from cutting, dying and finally sewing. 
Using vibrant colour ways and unique brush strokes,  the collection of products bridge a border between classic style and artistic flair. 
There is a focus on creating high quality hand made leather goods. Simple and sleek, but most importantly timeless. Quality and endurance that will last years, the true nature of leather only gets better as the years progress, and a patina develops.  

Whats in a Name?

The brand name comes from an abbreviated version of the designers name Vic’Tori’a ‘Lo’rraine

 Why Vegetable Tanned Leather?

Vegetable tanning leather is a traditional process that uses natural tannins such as bark extract, leaves, fruit and roots.  
Due to these natural origins, vegetable tanned leather is not considered a risk to the environment and is toxin free, and safe for consumers. 
Vegetable tanned leather is known for its long life span, typically vegetable tanned leather produce can be passed down from generation to generation, developing its own unique story along the way.