Our Story

A brand built in Leather

Tori Lo Designs was established from a love for all things leather, quality and unique. In creating Tori Lo Designs I wanted to cross boundaries within leather work, using fun and creative dying techniques hand colouring every hide to create a individual and unique surface that the bags can then be moulded.

Each product is hand made in each step from cutting to dying and finally sewing. Only using top quality veg tan leather, and ensuring that each stitch is perfectly in place. A completely  unique present for any bag lover.

Meet the maker

Tori Lo Designs, leather bag, leather accessories, designer, made in England


After working in the accessories industry for 5 years, I decided it was time to start up on my own. Gathering all the ideas I had over the years and developing a brand that truly was me. Coming from the North East of England there are very few design opportunities, something that I hope will change, I hope I can be part of that change.

My brand is focused on creating high quality hand made leather goods. Simple and sleek, but most importantly timeless. Quality and endurance that will last years, the true nature of leather only gets better as the years progress.

I have a true love for individuality, which is why I developed my range of printed leather goods, the dying techniques that are used on these products make it impossible to create 2 the same, adding to the charm of each product.

I hope you enjoy my products just as much as I have enjoyed making them.