Miniature Purse Keyring - Brush


Personalised miniature leather purse keyring

* Handmade leather purse keyring

* Hand painted brush colour way, each keyring is unique.  

* 9 Colour Choices, Blush, Blue, Slate & Camo 
* Purse is perfect for storing a trolley coin, trinket or a tiny love letter
* Attach to keys or as a bag charm
* Purse dimensions approximatley 4cm x 3cm (6cm x 3cm including keyring)
* Handmade in High Quality Vegetable tanned leather, handcut, hand dyed and hand stitched

Obsessed with bags, this cute little purse keying is the perfect addition to your keys, and makes a cute gift for your loved one, or as wedding favours and bridesmaid gifts. Keyring is made from the highest quality veg tan leather, and hand dyed and cut, meaning each miniature purse is truly individual.

Tori Lo Designs is fashion accessories brand designed and manufactured by myself, the owner, Vicky Wade. In creating Tori Lo Designs I strive to create a high end, hand crafted, hard wearing and personable product, care taken in each and every detail to create an item that is desirable and unique. I take pride in the fact that each and every detail is hand crafted from cutting to dying to sewing.