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It all began with a vintage bag...

It all began with a vintage bag...

I had this vintage leather bag, it was my absolute favourite. It was bought by my Mum in Ibiza decades earlier, yet it was my go too from the ages of around 15 - 25 years (until I started making my own!)

What made this bag so special? The leather, it's quality, it just aged so beautifully. I was fully invested in this timeless piece.

So I set myself a challenge, I would teach myself how to make my own leather bag, I developed my own style, the outcome of the Tammie is nothing like my original vintage bag, I didn't want to just copy. The fastening is possibly the only bit that actually resembles that original bag.

The first one I made, I loved and loved ... Unfortunately I wasn't quite good enough at my new skill yet, I hadn't quite mastered the art of getting the tension right on the hand stitching, so after a bit of use the stitch started to loosen. But that didn't deter me, I have since that day on 2015 been working on and improving the Tammie design, constantly improving my skills, in hope that maybe one day, one of my bags will be passed down and loved by generations to come!

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